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Toska (n.) : a dull ache of the soul, a sick pining, a spiritual anguish.

Deep inside, we can't read the thoughts. There are no words that come to us from within, just a feeling and it takes courage to go with those feelings.

All of us souls, beautiful and unique, desire different things and sometimes the same. Read and find out if we desire the same, share your own thoughts and views.


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Priya Annirudghjh

"Let no man pull you low
enough to hate him"
-MLK Jr.

Let that which is unseen
within you, guide you
when in doubt
and as

Mark Twain says "When you find yourself on the side of majority,
it is time to pause and reflect."

What I write?

the sky was the colour of her cheeks
i couldn't tell what enthralled me more
the blazing star & the demure moon,
peeking at the same time from the
twilight subtle shimmering blanket or
her fetching face luring me in...

Sweet muses of mine and what they compel me to write,
when I'm still hazy with sleep, in a daze because of them


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