Let's talk about erotica

What is to be expected inside :

"Oui! Oui! Oui!" I moaned my core shook.
I wasn't French and neither was he.
But dayum, the artist did things to me none could and he only existed in pages.



Even if you are older but are not comfortable with talks of sex, of pleasure, of taboos, then please leave.

: accurate description of me :

100% Brat
100% Switch
100% Ageplayer
100% Boy/Girl
100% Experimentalist
99% Rope bunny
98% Brat tamer
98% Rigger
75% Pet
69% Primal (Prey)
65% Submissive
55% Dominant
55% Sadist
53% Vanilla
48% Non-monogamist
43% Daddy/Mommy
33% Masochist
5% Primal (Hunter)
4% Voyeur
3% Exhibitionist
1% Slave
1% Master/Mistress
0% Degradee
0% Degrader
0% Owner

Reed Lancaster

If you recognize yourself to be any of these, feel free to share your views or just talk and you can check out how kinky you are here.

Honestly, I need holy water to wipe cum off of my chin.