Priya Annirudh


Arms Stretched.
Hair Unbound.


  • Bisexual
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm genderfluid.
  • Tumblr Human - this explains why I am the way I am.
  • Mother of nonexistentIRL children, but don't you dare say a word about them.
  • Sometimes cold and harsh but I swear I don't really mean it.
  • A hopeless romantic but that dirty mind doesn't leave me.
  • I'm either goofing around like a silly little girl or going through life with a blank rude as fuck face, there is no in between that.
  • Obsessed with wayyy too many things (yes, the triple y's are totally necessary!) and too many waifus (because husbando sounds so lame) to giggle over.
  • I'm in love with Nutella. That shit tastes heavenly.
  • Always ready to adopt more children. Call me Momma.
  • Wattpad is life. How can something be this addictive!?
  • Tbh, I live for BL.
  • Wayyy too excited for a lot of things, most of the time.

I do wear glasses,
it fits my writers image,
but those are rose colored glasses

not sure if this is my strength
or my weakness...


What really fuels me is