Nikita Gill is a charming poet, painting poems with such elegant and graceful strokes it leaves me wondering whether I love the words or do I love marveling over how beautiful of a person she is to think the way she thinks.

Among all of the poems I've read of hers, I love her Wild most.

I was on the plane when I read this and a gorgeous woman sat across me. I was reading half-heartedly, bored and only because I had nothing else to do. Mom asked her if she'd be kind enough to change seats with my dad who sat behind. She spoke politely, that kind and beautiful woman with the pretty smile.

I instantly felt rather unfortunate, thinking she's definitely straight and that I have no chance at all with anyone because all the good men are gay, the good women straight, and else who are in the team I can play for are taken. Dejected, I went back to reading Wild Embers : poems of rebellion, fire and beauty.

Reading Wild, I knew I should halt whatever I was thinking just a moment ago. It filled me with such joy, I showed it to my brother next to me, excitedly I showed it to my mom and dad. Seeing my over-enthusiasm, the woman, whose name I found out was Sonia, asked to show me what I was reading. She was in tears, and I was transfixed at how alluring she looked and how one text can be reacted to so differently by different people.

I flipped to the earlier pages, and this time I read those lines with an open heart and reading like I'm the only one soaring up to the skies. Not one soul to look at me or judge me. A sudden shift in me ignited some sort of braveness I then felt.

Half-assed reading? I might as well just give away those books to someone else for I am not making love to books the right way!

the best and the only way for a reader to soak in all that in the books is to abandon all inhibitions outside and step into the pages like a 5 year old left free (what normal people might call 'rabid') in an amusement park where the child runs to each ride and enjoys it to the fullest, runs to each stall and enquires about each item with wide eyes glassed with fascination and curiosity, breathes in the aroma of life's materialistic pleasures, runs to any person - marvels at each of their uniqueness, expresses his/her joys to them and listens with utmost attention to what they have to say.

All of the child's senses are heightened, alert and having fun.

according to me, that is how one should read.

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  1. Nikita Gill’s Wild Embers was really interesting and had deep meanings.You’re works also seem quite interesting and deep

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