//No efforts made. No fucks given. Just vomited it out.
//Late but still

Hello October.
It’s that time of the year again,
where I fall in love every day
Even the trees are pretty shades of red now
but here I am, still the bland hue of chocolate.

He says “baby girl” and

*brat mode activated*

I am at my happiest,
all bound, unable to my move
my heart soars like a kite
free, light and brave

I am at my bravest,
all bruised, spanked raw
with all his good love
sweet and savoury

I am at my very best,
a blubbering wet naked mess
the highest of all bliss
colouring me red

Featured Image is from here.
//Listening to Yeh Ishq Hai. Baithe Bithaye Jannat Dikhaye. Haye!
//From being a website where I can be open and be myself, I didn’t realize when this became something where I must post only all that which seems good enough for others to read.
//Baby Gorilla is a potential nickname I would call my future sub. Anyone interested? HMU.

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