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//My proud son?
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I pushed opened the bedroom door to catch them red-handed. There he was, stark naked as the day he was born, in front of another woman. A woman I now hated with every cell in my body, my arms raging to punch the life out of both of them. I was fuming with outrage at how their lips were struggling to defend themselves.

His hands scurried to cover himself. His eyes downcast, unable to look at me.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you before. Plus, there’s nothing great to see.” I threw the furious statement at the woman dressed scantily in disgusting cherry lingerie I had gifted her and once found sexy on her Botox and Silicone body.
The scheming vixen had the audacity to look at me with pleading eyes after seducing my son when she was married to me. How dare they!

“David, you forgot to…” my daughter-in-law pushed her head out of the bathroom door and stopped mid-sentence. “Oh, hey moms! David, did you get the towel? Come back, the shower feels lonely without you hehe”

She pretended yet again. Emily made jokes now and then to assure me that they were good, when I really knew they never even look at each other. Still the poor girl kept up with fake appearances to keep the family from falling apart.

“Emily, I know.”


And I walked out? Nah, bitch. I might be 42 but the sass is intact as that of a teenager’s perky breasts.

If they thought I was going to be like just another woman, walk out and wail quietly for the betrayal they’ve served me with, cold, unwanted, and disgusting, then they couldn’t be any more wrong.

I walked to the lone loveseat in the room and sat down, head held high, eyes cold as the poles, because for sure my heart feels like the damn ends of the earth, in dry icy shambles, water just hitting and hurting my shores.

“Emily dear, why don’t you and the bitch-for-a-son go out to talk because this is definitely the last time you ever will.” I saw David flinch from the corner of my eyes but the furious cold doesn’t let me melt.

“So, where were we? You really did plan all of this out, didn’t you? Playing me for a fool. How long has this been going on? For the whole 2 years we’ve been together? You could’ve just told me you liked my son more than me the day I proposed you. Or had this been going on for longer than that?”

She stretched her hands towards me. “Don’t you dare put your filthy hands on me!” I sneered at her.

I should’ve known better. Was I this obsessed with this vile woman to not notice when my beloved son slipped right through my fingers into her bony 45-year-old actually wrinkled hands!?

I still remember the first time I brought David home. He was seven. A shy kid in the orphanage who stood behind everyone. I was intrigued by him. He seemed mature for his age and there were dreams he talked about which I wanted to help him fulfil. He was a dreamer and I instantly fell in love with my son right then.

“I love him! Not how a mother loves a son, more than that, nothing at all like that! I love him so much! I met him the same day we met. I didn’t know you were his mom then, I found out about it later. He told me he loves his mother very much and choosing to commit to a woman his mother’s age would be scandalous and he was not brave enough to claim me in this society and you wouldn’t have approved of it… not when you liked me too” Stephanie now was full on sobbing ugly tears. “I love him very much. I couldn’t live without David. He’s unlike others… he’s so… I just had to do it… I’m sor…”

“Correction, I loved you with everything I had. I loved my son the most in the world and I would’ve done anything for him. Even would’ve sacrificed my own love if only you would’ve told me right from the start! I wouldn’t have apprOVED!? THAT’S BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT TOO! I’M ALL ABOUT LOVING WHO YOU WANT WITHOUT BOUNDARIES. I FUCKING SUPPORT AN INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION TO FIGHT FOR IT! AND YOU’RE GIVING ME THIS LAME ASS EXCUSE!?”

“I… I’m sorry, Agatha. I lost it when he married that… that little girl when he had me to give him all the love. He did it to make me jealous. He did it so that you and I could live without any problems. But I cannot see him with that wench! He’s mine. That girl doesn’t even know how to satisfy a man! And you? You can’t satisfy me like your son does! He has a big cock unlike you. I don’t even like vaginas!”

“You sicken me so much, I can’t believe I fell for you! Do you even realize what you’ve done? Ruined four lives at once!” I couldn’t bear looking at her anymore. Was she really that worse? She’s fucking insane.

Walking out to where the literal motherfucker and Emily were, I pinched the bridge of my nose and took deep breaths. Calm down, Agatha, calm the fuck down and think what to do now.


“Shut the fuck up! You’ve lost all rights to call me that.” This time I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore. The dam was broken free and I lost control. Emily held me while I sobbed pathetically in her arms.

I opened my mouth several times to speak but the words refused to surface due to the thick ball of betrayal, anger and grief that clogged my throat each time.


And that’s what happened three months ago. My life took an unexpected turn and I still catch myself crying over the two people I’d put so much of love and faith into.

Emily brought in ice-cream as we settled in to watch “The Notebook”. She has been with me ever since I threw both bitches out of my house. I was a mess. Emily was the one who took care of me. She appreciated my cooking, motivating me to try new things everyday. She looked forward to my food, she said she loved it. I’m glad someone does think greatly about something as mundane as cooking, just because it makes me happy.

I had always wanted a daughter but taking care of one son proved hard for me, and he turned out to be a bitch. Now I can take care of her, spoil her rotten, give her all the love she deserves.

We were both immersed in the movie, our legs intertwined, her slender body spooned by my older body. Her head was in the crook of my neck and I felt her hot breaths tingling my skin.

What the fuck?

I shouldn’t be feeling this way. She’s like my daughter. I shouldn’t be thinking about kissing her tiny pouty lips. Damn! What the hell am I thinking. The living room was dark and we were on the floor. The TV screen illuminating us slightly, gently placing her in a divine halo messing up with my senses.

She was wearing tight superman booty shorts and a white tank top. Oh no I shouldn’t have paid attention. She isn’t wearing a bra. I could see her nipples outlined in the soft cotton cloth stretched across her torso. As if sensing my gaze, her nipples poked through the material as if calling me to play with them. I should stop.

It’s raining. Allie and Noah are laughing. It’s a sweet moment in the movie but instead of smiling, I feel a certain shift in the room atmosphere. No words were exchanged but it was as if we both were dreading with anticipation of what we knew was about to come.

“Why didn’t you write to me?” Allie asked. I gulped, praying it won’t be as awkward watching the next scene as much I was making it seem.

And then it happens.

Just when Noah and Allie’s mouths collide with an intensity able to move planets, Emily shifts her position and her head is a bit lower. Her cheek is now right on top of my left breast. Unconsciously my hand which snaked around her waist grips her tighter. I felt the wetness, she’s crying. Every time I watched this scene, it made me emotional but today, I am nothing but aroused. They’re kissing and Emily is rubbing her tears exactly where my nipple is, flicking it.

Fucking hell. I feel it poking her and to save face I pretend to sleep when she looks up at me.
She reaches for the remote to my right, moving half of her body on top of me and then switches off the TV.

Shit. Why is she in the same position, why isn’t she moving?

Fifteen minutes go by and I lay there motionless. Good, she’s asleep and I can now go because this is driving me crazy. But oh, I spoke too soon. I opened my eyes only to shut them close when her hand trailed down out joined hips to stay on her crotch. Her core was pressed against my hip and I fought hard to stay as I was.

Her hand rubbed between our flesh and I lost all sane thoughts.

This is torture. She must be missing David. But why am I feeling so turned on by her?


A couple of weeks have gone by and Emily seems sad these days, almost to the point of frustration mixed with madness. Her clothes were becoming lesser and lesser. She paraded around in only a top which barely covered her ass. I had to cover her multiple times for her not to catch cold in the freezing winters and for me not to catch dirty thoughts.

I was cutting carrots when she sat her sweet bottom onto the kitchen counter, and I resisted the urge to grab her ass and eat her booty like groceries. She’s been driving me wild lately. So innocent, or is she?

The whole day she acted a bit provocatively. Was all this because she missed David? This somehow made me green. And that is one ugly color to be associated with one’s daughter. I must stop thinking about her.

At night, I tossed and turned in bed, gnawing on my fingers because I couldn’t take it anymore and so brought out my loyal slut : my blue 9 inch Lelo Iris. She has been with me for years now. Always making me writhe in pleasure, making me cry out all my frustrations, hopefully she’ll make me forget all the notions I have about Emily.

Halfway through the night, just when I was about to come, the door opened and in sauntered the she-devil in disguise who had taken away my sleep. She casually slept beside me and though it wasn’t a big deal for her to sleep with me earlier, today was the worst nights of all.

Lelo Iris still pulsating quietly inside me, I struggled to keep a straight sleeping face when my insides contorted to drive me to ecstasies. Sliding under the covers, she slept beside me. The sheet covering us below our breasts. I peeked at her sneakily to see the top of her breasts covered in dark, what I felt like satin which she further rubbed on my arm to get closer to me. Damn.

She wasn’t at all what I thought her to be. It became clear when she traced her fingers, lightly, on my arm and down to the inside of my wrist. Rubbing my throbbing pulse, she took my fingers and inserted to of my digits into her soaking cunt. Hot damn.

I bit the insides of my mouth to stop myself from moaning at the feel of her silky, moist, tender cunt while my own vibrated it’s soul into bliss.

“Don’t pretend to sleep. I’ve seen the way you look at me and I am sure no one in the world could love me as much as you do. Make love to me as good as you do?” She threw the covers away and pounced on top of me.

Her eyes widened in astonishment and wonder at seeing the white handle of my slut, protruding, trembling at my entrance… a better length of it buried within me. She wasted no time in sitting on top of me, the handle pushed inside her slick opening, quite happy to devour her.

She rode me, slow and intoxicating, driving us both wild. Her slender, young body, shuddering on top of me made me orgasm at the goddess making love to me.

Now sunshine streamed through the curtains and washed over our sore limbs and we couldn’t wait to go at it again. Her tongue, a skilled professional, painting my walls while she searched every nook and corner as if searching it like she was CIA.

I held her cute face in my palms for the 10th time that night, my eyes not ready to leave the cheeky smile she wore, the dimple that accompanied her mischievousness.

“Why’re you so cute?” I asked her yet again but she simply pushed my head down to her triangle shaped farm of soft curls craftily, artistically crowned on top of her treasure which I lapped at like a parched woman. See? So adorable.

Being a mother is hard indeed.

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