Forgive me
for I can’t write you poems
because my deft fingers yearn
to weave poetry on your bare skin
I’ve always loved your silk yarn
for hair and creamy delish skin
a touch of it enough
to show me a blanket of stars
in broad daylight

Excuse me
while I loosen your bashful robes
unclothe your torso and the part
lying below which once laid dormant
now is growling, growing, arising
I’m hoping to my worship

Don’t mind me
while I plunge my longing into your mouth
because speaking is a waste of time
when I can chant tantra in our union

Please look at me
when I hold all of you
between my lips
until you gasp, shudder, groan
and I wipe clean with my digits
the trail burning from my chin
down to the valley you love
and smear it on my temple walls

Believe me
while you’re blanketed in my warmth
that this life we’re creating
is out of love.

//Featured Image is from here.
//Listening to Sex by Cheat Codes x Kriss Kross Amsterdam

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