Talking about what to do,
Still, in bed, thank you
weeknd, we earned it

Talk dirty to me
“Let’s do the laundry”

Both of us said at the same time.

I sprang up from bed – heaven,
wearing his white briefs, my little man
trying to jump out of it to touch the
naked man luring a prey, that sexy Venus flytrap,
and I, his delicious fly buzzing around in
his underwear, his cheeky boy.

He liked to put his hands
down my pants
every chance he got to, my silly man.

I reached the threshold,
only to be grabbed by the hips
thrown on his shoulder
smacked on the ass
to shush but I moan.

He, effortlessly, leaned to gather clothes
and put in the washing machine.
but at least I got a nice view from up here
the taut muscles of his ass,
begging me to squeeze them

He turned it on,
sat me on top of it.
Now things are gonna get interesting
my legs entwined behind his waist
and pulled him closer
the cotton brief the only fort
stopping our swords from war

so that’s why
the wheezing of the machine
vibrated my bottom
my balls shivered in glee
and we carried on our morning routine
as the clothes became pristine
and he licked the corner of my mouth clean.

//Featured Image is from here.
//Too many references. *wheezes* Comment below if you get any of the references.
//The picture is not according to the poem because I don’t want to get a nosebleed, alright.

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