she is the type of giggle
that is hard to control once it
escapes in all the wrong situations

she is a sadistic woman
who tugs hemp ropes a little tighter,
spanks my ass a little harder
under the uncomfortable,
mildly disgusted, heavily ignorant gaze
of the open-minded, modern,
conservative people

she ties me up, Shibari, in her looks
from across the room
my legs can’t help but clench together

she dominates me good
i’m collared, willingly, to her
but never degraded, just worshipped

ropes bind me,
looking all pretty, i cry, feeling free,
unexplainable bliss takes over

she also lies writhing beneath me
handing total control over to me
the same i’ve always given her

at this point,
we don’t need to exchange any
words to confirm love.

//Listening to Earned it by The Weeknd.
//Shibari is a Japanese word that literally means “to tie decoratively” and it refers to purely artistic, aesthetic rope. Although Kinbaku is the more appropriate term to use in this sexual context, Shibari styles look and sound more pretty. 😛
//Featured Image is from here.

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