[I cannot stress enough on this.]

the unfamiliar, odd colour of your eyes
the no gap between your thighs
the joining of your brows
the back hunch making you bow
the jiggle of your love-handles
there isn’t anything on you
that I cannot handle,

shouldn’t have anything to do with
the concept of beauty.
flaws shouldn’t stop you,
or run you to decide
what’s beautiful, what’s not
all for some conventional beauty standards
that are only made by photoshop
that are only made for views

darling of mine,
what you see as flaws
is perfect to another

you never know who’s jealous of
those very flaws of yours
you never know who’s wanting
to have those flaws of yours on them

beauty mustn’t be a tag
that goes only here, here, or there
mustn’t beauty be that which makes
you feel something good
makes you go wow

it shouldn’t make you question
your own worth or question
that it isn’t acceptable.

As baby Keats says, beauty is indeed
in the eye of the beholder
but if the onlooker is trapped
in all that which binds beauty
into certain conventional codes,

is that beauty at all?
are you free even in your own views?

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