"And don't you dare say you hate yourself, because you don't. You are the only you out there and you don't deserve to be hated, even by you"
-Joey Kidney

I was mesmerized,
To the words flowing
Lucidly outta his mouth.

Everything he expressed,
Struck an arrow to my heart,
Triggering my brain
Towards hope, positivity.

Motivating lives,
Nurturing happiness,
Was what he was best at.

Time passed in a blur,
But what he conveyed,
Stained my mind forever
In the best way ever.

"Stay you, stay beautiful"
He ended his speech.
Though it all charmed me,
It was definitely love at last line.

Back in 2015, when I first stumbled across his video, I was actually mesmerized. Seventeen year old me, craved to here these words and he said it. I don't really remember which video was it that made me fall in love with this cheerful soul but I think it's this one (judging from the way I insisted to not look at the tags I'm fitting into and just be human while struggling to acknowledge whether I play for the same team or it's just a phase)

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