Rubbing the smoothness in my fingers,
I tucked the soft curls behind her ear
and then,

asked my self, pitifully,

If I can love the jiggle of your thighs,
the clouds of your cheeks, the extra
hold of your hips I enjoy in my palms


why can’t I love the fat chunks of my legs,
the bulging blob I have for a face,
the joke of a woman’s hips?

I sank my fingers into the humongous flesh
clinging to my thighs, my tummy, my arms.

If I can love her, blindly, for these very things
because she is more than all that… and these
flaws she says makes her all prettier in my eyes

then why can’t my own eyes see me pretty?

Later that night,
my mind muddled with the earlier thoughts
I looked into the mirror,
saw me, imagined her –
she is beautiful
and thinking about me,
through her eyes,
I couldn’t find a single flaw
unlike my own eyes which criticized me.

and then I knew

1. loving others helps me love myself
and loving myself makes it all better

2. you are exactly how or who
you see yourself as

and I want to see myself as
loving others and loving my own
strengths and flaws

thus began my self-love journey…

//Sober Up by AJR
//Featured Image is from here.

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