"aren't you afraid you'd never
meet the one you sing about?"

He strummed the strings of his guitar
but his words played her like an instrument

Her fingers paused midway as his
question stroke a sudden chord in her

He continued on his attack - subtle,
singing on further to her,

"I mean, do you ever think that you may not find
the person you're musing about in your lyrics?"

She laughed, both didn't grasp
if the laugh was sardonic or ludicrous.

Opening and closing her mouth,
she looked like a fish out of water

In the empty classroom, they relaxed
yet tensed, overly conscious of each other

of the occasional touch when their elbows met
of the song of their breaths when silence settled

their eyes melting into heart emojis
whenever they looked at the other, sneakily

they sat with their drumming hearts, side by side
singing into oblivion after school

finally, gathering her scattered thoughts
as if shoveling leaves in a garden, she spoke

"I sing of summer days while getting drenched in the rain,
I write of lovely spring when cozied up in a thick blanket

yes, I think of spring and new beginnings
when it's fall, dying, and in winter when all it dead.

I sing to reminisce, to relive all that haunts my vision
and this haunting, I welcome with open arms

Silly, the person I'm always singing about,
I've known him for a long time now,

so why would I be afraid of never finding,
I'm actually afraid of losing you"

She knew her bashful lover and cheekily
admired his manner through her dazed gaze.

His eyes cast downwards and he played
on the song she always played, for her to sing.

//Featured Image is from here. By Anna Abola.
//Listening to Opening Song of Banana Fish.
//I was asked something similar, and I don't know about myself or my answer.

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