I am a woman and my master is a feminist. More so than me. Irony? I don’t think so.

A true to the core dominant man understanding and living the ways of bdsm is a far greater feminist than a prude woman who doesn’t take the time to learn about sex and explore her own desires.

Fighting patriarchy has clogged our open minds with the fact that it’s only the orthodox men oppressing women and it’s not stressed enough that women raised in the midst of all patriarchal views tend to think the same. Shame the women all the same. Sometimes even deeper. As someone of the same gender, it’s natural to tend to lean on to them because we think they would understand. And this gives patriarchal women all the more power they need to hurt women in the worst ways.

Let’s get this clear first. The fundamental needs of a human being are food, sleep, and sex. Yet the latter is tabooed so much so people vehemently deny their involvement in it, outright show rage when others talk about it, downright refuse to talk openly about it. As if our race is continuing like we’re amoebas.

BDSM is based on absolute respect of each other’s boundaries, needs, and requirements. It’s rooted in open communication. This is true freedom of speech where people state their own opinions, listen and respect others choices and not rant out their own views and diss what others say in the name of “freedom of speech”. It’s about pushing oneself to their limits, to try and learn about one’s self and their limits and how far they can go. They strive to become better, to satisfy their desires – to truly be happy.

My Dom has a life of his own which is filled with his mother, his sisters, and his aunts whom he cherishes and respects. I get the equal respect that the women in his family get. He opens the doors for them and pulls out their chairs not because he sees them as a fragile gender. We too offer him seats and buy him food. That has never questioned his manhood. Both sides know that humans are absolutely capable of doing things on their own. But when did kindness turn into heated debates of claiming one sex stronger and the other deemed weaker?

He believes in uplifting women and strongly believes that women are far stronger than men. Throughout the ages of molding our minds into believing that men are rough, tough, and have a stronger physique and that women are mild natured and have demure bodies has shaped body standards to the way it is now. This is rooted in the fact that men who play the role of fathers act strongly to support all of his family and women give way to a new life and so are seen motherly, gentle, and emotionally stronger rather than physically strong even if they are.

Orthodox women are afraid and have never known their own desires, never explored their own basic needs. The unknown always makes us feel scared and the lack of clear information has rigged these negative beliefs.

Yes, my Dom is a feminist and I am proud of him for being one of the many good guys out there. I’ve seen him protect and stand for women before I can ever react to a situation.

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