My pretty little dear dreamers,

Yes, I admit that only dreaming your ass off is not going to magically bring all that you want to your feet but dreaming is an essential step in fulfilling tiny and great desires. Once you start working while dreaming, it's bound to not let your wishes remain mere wishes, those wishes come true.

Now those people who mock dreams and dreamers and go off pointing at "reality" and stuff, don't you have better stuff to do in your own life than to meddle and shatter others' lives? We all have different versions of dreams, no two dreams ever same. How can it be when no two people are same? That's why there's no need to feel jealous of anyone.

When people have talked to me about their dreams, their hands start moving animatedly even when they've never done that before, their faces lights up in a way which stuns me into silence and want to listen more to what makes them happy, excited, gets them moving while still sitting and talking to me - which makes their minds race and go far off while still sitting in front of me. I think that's the moment when people look the most beautiful, when they're talking about their dreams.

People who are so against dreams, its not their fault, and what they say shouldn't be taken personally. They're hurt from never having their dreams come true or they've never dreamt of anything which is worse. Simply forgive and forget. Don't waste precious time on getting angry and holding grudges against them being an "obstacle".

Nirvana or Nightmare, asks Robin Sharma.
Nirvana. Always Nirvana.

And what do we need to fulfill any dream that we want? It all comes down to at least these 5 basic things which need to be cultivated. A little time is needed to think on what actions we need to do in order to do this. Simply follow what you think is the best because aren't you the once who knows yourself the best? Those things are :

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  • Patience : Continue doing your work towards your goals and have patience that your hard work is going to pay off delicious benefits.
  • Perseverance : My father always told me, a strong current of water pushes away the rock but only a slow yet constant current of water, that flows day by day, is able to cut through it.
  • Discipline : Nah, it's not being rigid and sticking to a routine which eventually makes life bland and boring. This means to stick to your goals. Have your eyes on the prize and so even if one method doesn't work, change the method but never your goal but don't go off relaxing on your couch and going off track 'cause your method isn't working.
  • Faith : Have faith in yourself because you can only rely on yourself to change your own world. No one can do that for you.
  • Courage : You already know you need to be brave to follow through all that ^.

2 thoughts on “My pretty little dreamers”

  1. “They’re hurt from never having their dreams come true or they’ve never dreamt of anything which is worse.”
    Boy,do they even know that?
    This one was really good. So are you a slef help guru now? Noice.
    BtW keep going….am sure ur Papa is right!

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