I was at my lowest, I couldn’t feel
it took physical efforts to squash my emotions and that was when
the two most romantic things that happened to me.
Both these things lulled me into much-needed sleep.


The ocean himself rushed up to me
and hugged me from behind
to console me, my hurt and angry self.
To teach me to be at peace,
Even when my insides are furling, cocooning
into a dark mess with great rage as that of his waves
yet crashed onto my heels with a tenderness incredible.
He caressed me and taught me about love.

When my heart punctured like a balloon
and my head filled with treacherous toxins
the ocean’s annihilating waves sank my feet
in the calm, cool sands, grounding me
whispering in my ears, gently,
that I need not worry because I have him

And I wondering, once again,
how the ocean could be so Kali,
daunting, beautiful, protective,
a mother, a lover, a Muse, and
could both give and take – life.

Again when,

All of the full strawberry moon
herself peeked at me, right through
the stubborn clouds, the criss-cross
bars of my balcony, the clothes flailing
in the cute violent summer breeze and the
glass door with the wooden squares on it.

At my to be or not to be,
All of her kissed me awake,
in the dark, she gave me the
strength to move towards her
and do what a woman has to do
to be what a woman has to be.

True to her own wild self, unafraid to strip down to her true nature.

Arms Stretched
Embrace that true self of yours. Can’t you see, my pretty woman, that you’re anything but ‘just a pretty face’? That the stronger you are, the more 17th-century men would accuse you of being a witch! Can’t you see that all the qualities of nature are those are very much present in women? Women are the embodiment of serenity, beauty, and grace – no matter tamed or untamed – no matter tomboy or girlie, just like all of nature which is peaceful and calm when untouched. But haven’t you heard… hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and I don’t think I need to remind you of what destruction can nature cause.

Hair Unbound
Because women were domesticated to believe in tying their hair, taming their hair to show civil, polite, demure behavior. And open, unbound, untamed hair is imprinted in us to associate with witches and all things unholy.

//It’s amusing how the insecurity of a gender can lead to massive havoc in the lives of another gender – psychologically, emotionally, socially. Most of us are imprisoned in some way, in participating in patriarchy, it’s so deep-rooted in us now.

//Featured Image is from here.

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