16th May, 2018

we play around with the negative belief that our parents will be upset with our creative adventures. surely, we cannot imagine in our wildest dreams that they would appreciate their young adult to have kinks and be proud to act on it and use it as a muse for their creative works.

but is it just them who aren't open or us who don't think  of them to ever open up to new ideas, of our ideas?

when we can't imagine our parents to be like that, fearless, stupid in love, passionate, then how can we be free with the fact that they would embrace us just the way we are. we can't be polite enough to show ourselves to them and listen to what they think, try to show them our perspective and rather toil over how our parents don't understand.

sometimes they don't
don't blame them
they haven't grown up as free as we have

understand them
relax, they'll understand us too
if not now, then they'll later
but they will always, always
stand by us, be happy for us

instead of seeing it this way,
"parents don't understand what it's like to live in this generation anyway so i'm not going to tell them anything and tackle this on my own. they ought to be me more considerate towards me since i'm going through this much shit"

try seeing it this way,
"since parents don't understand what it's like to live as a teenager in this generation because their teenage was a lot easier and didn't have all the shit that's going on today, I should be considerate about it and open myself up and talk to them myself about it. they're not going to get dreams about me being in trouble and somehow know how to read minds and know about my problems."

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