Cocoa butter smeared legs pressed to the warm sands
unafraid to be “tanned” or “burnt by the sun”
her brave heart and hands
her rich creamy browns melted me caramel
and my wounded, needy core wanted her close

she asked me out on a beach-date to relax and read
she asked me to soak in the glorious sun with my eyes closed
shaded by glasses while she read out her poems to me

her palm smothered sand onto my bare knee
rubbed me dry – ow, it’s pricking my skin
but she didn’t pay attention to the red blotchy area
and smirked reciting her verses
bewitching me, that sadist

spanking my raw, tender knee
jerking me awake from the haze of her words
I knew she’s out there to play, to pounce,
my hip lunged, my pink kitten weeping
as if knowing she is in the vicinity of
something that can satisfy, drink all her tears

Something that can travel up my lungs,
choke me, blind me,
grow flowers on them

she can imprison me and set me free
all at the same time, drench me in her desire
and love me raw, tender.

Featured Image is from here.
//Listening to Live It Up by JLo. Mami, I’ve loved this song for too long.

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