One damn flick
clicked the switch
and my inner whore arose
high and mighty, that high priestess,
knee high socks, choker choking slender neck,
wrists bound as one – gold thick ropes her adornment

My inner whore surfaced,
the iceberg tip now tall as a giant
ready to snuggle fit in daily life,
in all that is normal.
Because normal to her is the pain,
blue, black, purple, red, sketches on my skin
and she serenades her pleasure while I wilt
in moans and groans to come undone
together with her.

She is a controlling bitch,
robbing me of my false innocence I
clutched onto for far too long
Funny how she is a total slave,
handing highest trust to our dom,
she demands no lesser treatment than a Queen
She’s a Goddess: always treated as such!

And I, a caged free animal.
She believes we are a rabbit.
Soft, adorable, white.
And we fuck like rabbits. sensitive much?
That bitch is a scheming vixen for god’s sake,
she’s a lioness in the bunny skin.

She drags me naked,
my traitor mouth betraying
spilling secrets of my turn-ons
like speaking about the weather

I am baffled by all the courage that’s
oozing out of me to embrace my sex, my
exhibitionism. Don’t get fooled by my nun clothes,
they hide secrets that none knows.

//talks of bdsm and life.
//The one in the Featured Image is Keiichi Katakura from Nijiiro Days. One of my waifus.
//Listening to Mi Cama. Yass.

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