I met her again, after 4 years.
I recognized her from the back, thought I was dreaming.
Thought how could I recognize her only in a fleeting glance
when I forget most faces I come across, most names I hear
and I couldn’t forget her at all

We walked ahead,
she walked with her lover
our eyes met
and her head drooped low to hide behind his shoulder
the one she held tightly onto and rushed forward

avoiding me

“Hey, it’s her!”, said my parents.
my heart now stone cold,
I tried to act nonchalant
telling them to stop
for she didn’t want to meet us

She disappeared from my sight
and so vanished my façade
and so broke the dam
and so did I realize what she means to me
still, for am I now stuck

I still remember the road to her home,
her grandpa who loved us being together
her sweet grandma who cared for us
her, who is now my ex-best friend.

I still remember our awkward conversations
as we walked as bravely as we could into puberty
as we tried to climb trees and laughed silly
under the sunlight, all day long,
when we made new friends together, our
group grew and grew and grew
but you always have me, still,
but I guess, I never had you.

How blind have I been to be so in l…?
People do act crazy idiots in love.
And only after I’ve shed tears seeing her
ruin herself in boys who don’t treasure her
I realized what I feel… so late

I stay in her city for only a couple of days
whenever I get the chance to go
and not a moment goes without me
gazing at the roads to find her
hoping I’d see her

I bared my soul to her – naked, vulnerable
And I’ve been ruthlessly abandoned,
forgotten – I am still stuck on that girl?

Once you get close,
once you get to know me,
am I that bad? I’ve asked myself for years

I’ve been abandoned,
forgotten and I’m stuck
still stuck on that girl.

//Featured Image is from here.
//Listening to Break My Heart Again by Finneas

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