to all those people who’ve said they love me
but couldn’t fathom how anyone else could
fall in love with me…

tell me,
what do I make of it?

your ‘i love you’s’ and ‘i miss you’s’
tangle me further in your sticky silk webs
but when I need you
I’m untangled, unchained from you
who had always tied me to you otherwise
but now that I need you
the cobwebs I can no longer see
I’m just another stupid fly
who – trapped/free- cannot soar.

you keep me as your beloved canary,
I feel the love in the golden bars
desperate to feel loved anyhow

Am I that hard to love
for you to be shocked into disbelief
that maybe someone could fall
in love with me?

because love is not a one-way street
and up ahead came a dead end
and I was an alien to your world
I drove on and on,
rammed straight into oblivion
hoping to get love, looking for love.

to all those people who say they love me,
I’m torn thinking about it, tell me, do you?

//Listening to Whistle by BLACKPINK!
//Featured Image is from here.

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